From Designing to Fabricating to Assembling-
We are not your standard machine shop, we don't just make parts.  We do precision
machining and fabricating of various types of materials.  We do a variety of work from
prototypes to small lot machining.  If the parts we make for you are part of an assembly we
assemble them by Welding, Riveting, and/or Mechanical Fastening.

Special Capabilities -Engineering support through 3D CAD/CAM Software
No prints no problems we can Reverse Engineer your parts for you.  Then make our own
3D Solid Model and produce our own Drawings, and Program the part for machining all
with the same
Software.  We can also work with your staff to come up with a solution with
troublesome parts or assemblies, and redesign them for you.
We do following types of Machining

  • Milling(CNC and Manual)
  • Turning(CNC and Manual)
  • Grinding
  • Broaching
  • Sawing
Send us your design for custom parts.  
We can use your .DWG or .STP files.

No design just a concept contact us
we have 3D solid modeling software to
design your parts.
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